1. How do I order parts?
Food Service Parts Distributors - Parts Distributors - click herefor your local Parts Distributor.

Food Service Parts Pricing in Adobe Acrobat (link to pdf file)

2. Who do I call for service?
Click here for Service Network Listing

3. How do I change my door gasket?
The door gasket is removed by grasping it in one corner and pulling outward and down. Be careful not to pull too hard because the plastic molding the gasket is attached to can break. To install the new gasket, start in one corner, pushing the arrow point extrusion into the slotted grove and work your way down to the bottom then across the bottom and then upward to the last corner. click here for more information (link to video)

4. How do I replace the bottom door cartridge on the C / K / MT / MM / UR Series?
1. Open door approximately 90-degree to open position.
2. Using a 7/16" open-end wrench, loosen both bottom hinge bolts until the door drops about _ inch. At this point, tighten on of the 7/16" bolts to keep the hinge from being loose when the door is removed.
3. Remove the 5/16" screw from the underside of the door, which is screwed into the square pin of the cartridge.
4. To remove door, lift door up to the clear bottom hinge, then move bottom of the door away from hinge and slowly lower straight down, allowing the door to come completely off.
5. Remove both Phillips head screws holding spring cartridge in bottom door. Remove old cartridge.
6. Install the new cartridge as removed.
7. Rest the door, frame side, against your leg with the handle at your feet. The gasket is opposite your leg and the spring cartridge is in the upper corner from the floor.
8. Using a 5/16" open-end wrench, place on the square pin of the cartridge and turn counterclockwise until there is no tension against the wrench. At this point, the correct tension is set.
9. Install both plastic washers, with the horseshoe washer in between, with the opening toward the gasket. One person should apply a strip of masking tape from one side of the door, across the spacers and spring, up the other side to hold these parts in place while door is being installed.
10. The door must be installed in the open position in order for the square pin to line up and drop into hinge bracket.
11. Install 5/16" screw into bottom of cartridge. Loosen the 7/16 bolt on the bottom hinge bracket and raise door to highest position and tighten both hinge bolts.
12. These instructions apply to left hand doors also.

Click here to view door replacement video

5. How do I order shelves?
click here to view shelf information


Where can I get a replacement compressor for one under warranty?               

Contact one of our Parts Distributors - click here for your local Parts Distributor.


Where do I send my warranty labor bill?                                                                     

In order to submit your warranty claim, you will need a username and password.  If you do not have this information, please contact Beverage-Air's Warranty Department via e-mail at gself@bevair.com.

Provide us with your company's complete name, address, telephone and e-mail.

All warranty claims are submitted electronically using Warranty Central (click to visit Warranty Central).

8. What forms are required for submitting warranty claims?
Warranty Guidelines in Adobe Acrobat


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